Guided Fishing Thailand

Chiang mai fishing holiday destinations Below you can find information on fishing in Thailand in and around Chiang mai. We have guided Thailand fishing trips that cater for all types of angling and anglers. Carp fishing in Thailand for Giant Siamese Carp and Catfish fishing in Thailand for the worlds largest catfish species to adrenalin pumping topwater lure fishing for Giant snakehead and Jungle perch in many reservoirs surrounding the Chiang mai area in Northern Thailand.


Dreamlake fishing resort in Chiang mai ThailandCategory: Challenging Water.
A beautiful lake located 8 km away from the centre of Chiang mai city. The selection of fish is absolutely unique in the area and makes this venue the most interesting fishing spot in Northern Thailand. A very friendly atmosphere and experienced staff always…More>>



Category: Easy Water.
A rustic Thailand fishing lake setting that is stocked with Giant Mekong Catfish (Pla Buek) 5-40+kg, Striped Catfish (Pla Sawai) 5-25+kg. These are our main targets and you will be deeply impressed by the power of this furious fighting species. The Giant Mekong catfish is well known by anyone fishing…More>>



Guided snakehead fishing trip to Mae Kuang reservoir dam in Chiang mai ThailandMae Kuang Dam is a big reservoir, located 40 km northwest of Chiang Mai.We are fishing here for the Giant Snakehead (max.12kg) average size 2-3kg.
Snakehead fishing will provide a challenge to anglers who enjoy fishing with lures. Precise casting with surface lures is essential as you will always fish in areas…More>>



Guided snakehead fishing day and multiday trip in Chiang mai Mae Ngat Dam is located 85 km northwest of Chiang Mai, and is part of the spectacular Sri Lanna Nationalpark. We fish here for the Giant  Snakehead and Hampala Barb also called Jungle Perch. Snakehead fishing will provide a challenge to anglers who enjoy fishing with lures. Precise casting with surface lures, like…



Guided snakehead fishing trip to the Queen sirikit dam in Uteradit.The Queen Sirikit Daml is located in the Uttaradit Province, is Thailand’s largest earth dam, constructed under the Nan River Basin Development Project, Built in 1973 over the Nan River, this reservoirs covers an area of 220 square kilometers. Originally named as Pha Som Dam, its name was later changed to Sirikit Dam. We are proud to offer…More>>



BarramundiCategory: Easy Water
Dreamlake guided Fishing in Thailand for Barramundi. The Barramundi ponds is a complex of about thirty man-made ponds of varying sizes up to three acres located in the Bang Pakong district of Chachoengsao province. This Ponds are stocked with the highly energetic and hard fighting sport…More>>



Stingray fishingThe Giant Freshwater Stingray (Himantura Chaophraya) is found in various river systems throughout the Kingdom of Thailand and is reputed  to reach weights exceeding 1,000lb (450kg). It is a serious candidate for the largest freshwater fish on earth and is one of the least studied creatures on the planet. With very little known…More>>



Dreamlake fishing adventure Chiang mai guided fishing trip to the Ping river national park.Located in the Amphoe Li Province the river Ping National Park covers  1,003 square kilometers of rugged mountainous forest and rivers surrounding the Huai Tham reservoir and Kaeng Koh lake. Roughly 80% of the park’s total forest area is covered by dense forest. At this venue you find a…More>>

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