Rare carp, Peacock bass and Alligator gar.

Amazing session for the dutch carp angler Mark Fekkes. During the week he spent at Dreamlake Fishing Resort, he caught a dozen Striped Catfish, lots of Rohu, 2 medium sized Siamese Carp and 2 of the very rare and shy Julian’s Golden Price Carp. He tried his hand also on the predator fishing and succeeded in his quest with a fairly good sized Alligator Gar and a beautiful Peacock Bass, both specimen got caught by using a live bait near the surface.
Dutch Carper Mark Fekkes with a specien sized Peacock bass
Beautiful speciemen male Peackock bass in prime fighting condition caught with a live Tilapia bait.

One of the two rare Juliens golden price carp that are resident in Dreamlake’s waters which made an appearance this month.
Alligator gar caught in Chiang mai