Borsang lake Mekong catfish fishing

Fishing for Giant Mekong catfish at Borsang lake.

These giant Mekong catfish are awesome! They are endangered out in the wild. This was Borsang fishing park where they specialize in them (the location tagged is Dream Lake Fishing Resort Chiang Mai, partner lakes). They can get much bigger than the ones I caught, this cat pictured was one of five.

Three of the fish landed were using travel gear: St. Croix Rods Tidemaster (3 piece spinning) and Daiwa Corporation – USA Luvias 3000 with 40lb Sufix Lines braid. These hard fighting fish put that gear to the test! I have a ton of confidence to go after BIG fish (up to 40-50 pounds) with this set up. And it’s just lite enough to throw 1/4 ounce jigs on too. Very versatile.

Big thanks to Reiner Agethen, owner of Dream Lake Resort) for making this happen! At Dream Lake, you can target numerous “bucket list” fish: giant Siamese carp, Mekong cats, pacu, Redtail cats, tiger catfish, giant snakehead and more.

I was fishing Borsang Lake for Giant Mekong catfish . This was a unique experience and worth trying. The public waters in Thailand are heavily netted, trapped and fished. Catch and release doesn’t really exist except with a small population of sport anglers. We are blessed in North America to have such an abundance of catchable fish.

Fishing Borsang Lake for Giant Mekong catfish