Dreamlake – Steve Biddle & Mark Everard (UK) Feb 2020

Always a pleasure to welcome our good, old friend Steve Biddle (UK) at Dreamlake Resort (Feb 2), and he had a brilliant start ( ….and a bit of a struggle) when he hooked into two fish at once, soon after arrival.😀
But Steve managed to fit both fish, a ‘Striped Catfish’ and a Redtail Catfish’ in a decent size, into his big landing net👍

After that quick success the fishing really slowed down, but finally he caught two beautiful ‘Tambaqui’ in the afternoon and a fat ‘Redtail Catfish and a ‘Wallago on the following day.

Steve visited Dreamlake again yesterday (Feb 16), this time accompanied by his good friend Mark Everard (UK).
The fishing was unfortunately slow again after a cool night, but Mark managed to catch at least three new species for him.

One beautiful Tambaqui on our newly introduced 15mm pellets, ten small Peacock Bass on a fly and a ‘Striped Catfish’ in a medium size on pellet.
Steve caught a massive Pacu on a piece of bread near the surface….cheers!👍