Fishing in Chiang Mai – Thailand: 10 October re-opening at Dreamlake Resort

Fishing in chiang mai. Scott Gray (UK) and his lovely family checked in to Dreamlake Chiang mai on the 10th for a 24h session. The fishing was quite slow but at least Scott managed to catch a few new species for him. In the morning our fish were quite active and Scott caught a small Redtail catfish ,a small ‘Jullien’s Golden Price carp’ and a small 4-5lb ‘Striped Catfish’. Unfortunately he lost a massive ‘Pacu, estimated 40-45lb’, right in front of the landing net when the hook pulled out. The afternoon was very quiet but right before dusk he hooked again into a fish in decent size but the line snapped after a short fight.With the last cast around 7pm Scott managed to catch another small Julliens carp….that was it really….no fish activity this morning.

Julliens Golden Price Carp