Best Thai fish catches at Dreamlake Fishing resort 2019/20

A short selection of some of our best photos 2019/2020

Matthew Warburton (UK) with a good sized Alligator Gar caught on mackerel.

Eric Duncan (USA) succeeded in his quest and managed to catch a beautiful Siamese Carp at Dreamlake Resort

Pro-angler Gerd Alswede (Germany) caught this Redtail Catfish in decent size on deadbaits

Jakob Notzem (Germany) with a nice Rohu on sweetcorn

Peter (Germany) with a huge Chaophraya Catfish (estimated around 65kg)caught on mackerel whilst simple ledgering on the bottom.

Marcus (Germany) caught this good sized Siamese Carp with a simple bread-rice husk mix

Matthew (UK) with a Giant Gouramy in specimen size

Peter (Germany) caught this massive 20+kg Pacu on chicken heart

Jakob with a beautiful Mud Carp (Mrigal) caught on bread

Simon Oversby (UK) caught this good sized Amazonian Redtail Catfish on chicken heart

Tobias Flori (Germany) with a beautiful Alligator Gar in medium size

Gerd Alswede (Germany) managed to catch this beauty (estimated around 90lb) in November 2019

Steve (UK) with a good sized Julian’s Golden Price Carp