Catch Report May 2021

Always wonderful to see good, old friends again. Steve Biddle (UK) managed his time through the 14-day quarantine and checked in on the 28th May for a 48 hour session. Just with the first cast he hooked into a beautiful Tambaqui…

…followed by one of our rare shark catfish.

Middle of the day he managed to catch a medium size Siamese Carp, unhooked and released in the landing net. Surprisingly the carp was caught on a chicken heart with a float rig off the surface.

With the same method he managed to catch a nice Alligator Gar (148cm in length) in the late afternoon, cheers!

Steve had on his 2nd day a very good start at 6am with a nice Redtail Catfish in decent size…

followed by a good sized Mud Carp on the bread mix.

We were expecting more action in the morning, but the fishing slowed down for a couple of hours.Around noon fish were feeding again but only for a short time, Steve managed to catch another beautiful Redtail, slightly bigger.

A half hour later a nice Mekong Catfish had a short stop on the unhooking mat.

The last fish was caught at 5pm. One more Alligator Gar went for the chicken heart. The fish was unhooked and released in the water!