Catch report November 2021 – Thailand re-open for tourists again

We were over the moon to welcome our good old German friends Gerd and Jakob again, after 2 years. They checked in for 13 nights and fished on 12 consecutive days for about 6.5- 7 hours per day.
Fishing for predators was really good, especially on the first few days. Carp fishing was surprisingly really slow to be honest. Only two Siamese carp, estimated 65-70lb, and one Jullians carp, an amazing beauty in perfect conditions estimated to 30lb being caught. None of the smaller carp species like Rohu or Mud Carp were caught.
But at least they managed to catch over all 67 individuals, with some Alligator Gar and Pacu in specimen size.

5 Alligator Gar (3 fish in a length of 165-167cm)
15 Pacu, with a few individuals estimated around 50lb
4 Tambaqui in a size of 16-22lb
5 Wallago around 20-25lb
26 Redtail Catfish (26-50lb)
2 Siamese Carp
1 Jullian’s Golden Price Carp
1 Gourami around 14lb
7 Striped Catfish

Well done, Cheers!