Catch report: UK anglers Colin and Fraser visited Dreamlake in March 2022

UK anglers Colin & Fraser checked in yesterday late afternoon for one night, and they had a really good start. Colin hooked immediately into a good sized Pacu, but unfortunately the hook pulled out in front of the landing net. A few minutes later he managed to catch a nice Wallago, followed by a Redtail Catfish in decent size.Fraser managed to catch 3 Redtails in the evening. All fish being caught on sausage by simple ledgering on the bottom.The next morning saw a nice mix of predatory and carp species. Colin had one more Redtail in good size and a small Rohu. Fraser caught a nice ‘Giant Snakehead’ around 10lb, an Alligator Gar estimated to 1.50m in length (unhooked in the water), but unfortunately he lost a good sized Siamese Carp, estimated around 70+lb, in front of the landing net as well.