Catch report March 2022

Fraser and Colin returned to Dreamlake at the end of March, this time accompanied by their mate Neil, and they were off to a good start in the morning.They managed to catch a nice Pacu, a Siamese Carp in medium size, two Redtails and a Wallago.

Good action in the afternoon and evening again with another Wallago, two Rohu, three more Redtail Catfish, one Tambaqui, four small Striped Catfish and a few Tilapia.The next morning was surprisingly very quiet, just one more small Tilapia and another Alligator Gar in decent size (both Gar were unhooked in the water)Conclusion: We’ve been really lucky with the rain before, it wasn’t hot at all (only 32C), and our fish were feeding well. Usually conditions are much more difficult at this time of the year with average day time temperatures around 39C degree. Highlight from my point of view was the first Rohu being caught. A very good sized, old fish in perfect condition. Cheers!