Catch report – Michael & Terri from Manchester visited Dreamlake Resort for a 24h session

Michael and Terri checked in at Dreamlake on May 22, 2022 for a 24h session, and they had a good start in the morning with a nice Pacu and beautiful Julliens Golden Price Carp in perfect conditions.
They managed to catch in the afternoon another Pacu in decent size, a small Striped Catfish and two small Redtail Catfish.
After a nice dinner and a good sleep they were off to a good start again at 6am and they hooked into a massive Alligator Gar (estimated to about 1.5m in length)
The Gar was unhooked and safely released in the water. Congrats!
One hour later they hooked into a really big mama, but unfortunately the line snapped after half an hour of fighting..