Catch report for UK carp anglers Rudi Jennings and Nathan Lanckmans

UK carp anglers Rudi Jennings and Nathan Lanckmans checked in at Dream Lake Fishing Resort Chiang Mai on Tuesday, June 28, for a 48h session and they were off to a brilliant start, with a good sized Pacu and a nice Striped Catfish, followed by a smaller catfish.

Unfortunately they lost three good fish as well when the hook pulled out.

The fishing slowed down in the late afternoon, due to an approaching thunderstorm with a sudden change of the air pressure.

After a nice dinner conditions were perfect again, and they managed to catch four nice Amazonian Redtail Catfish and a stunning beautiful Julliens Golden Price Carp.

After the good action on the first day, expectations were flying high for the next day, but surprisingly the fishing started very slow yesterday morning and only one small ‘Mud Carp’ was caught before noon.

Real action started after 2pm and our fish were feeding frenzy. Rudi caught a beautiful Tambaqui, followed by a Siamese Carp in medium size for Nathan.

Rudi hooked just 15 min later into a massive Alligator Gar, estimated to 160+cm in length, but the Gar proved to be a bit camera shy and managed to jump out of the floating unhooking mat.

Both anglers managed to catch a Redtail Catfish in decent size, four more small Redtails and a nice Striped Catfish.

Summary: Rudi and Nathan caught 20 fish (8 different species) in two days on their first fishing adventure in Thailand.

Cheers mates, well done!