Amazing sessions for top notch anglers Oliver Farrington (UK) & Peter Jones (AUS)

Oliver checked in on the 9th of September and his challenge was to go after one of our big and elusive Chaophraya Catfish with only one rod. Fishing actively with deadbaits near the surface he got two fast runs, most likely from one of our Chao’s, but unfortunately the fish didn’t connect properly with the hook.

In the meantime he managed to catch two Alligator Gar. A good sized fish, estimated to 155cm in length followed by a fat ‘Monster Gar’, well over 170cm in length.

Peter checked in three days later for a two day session.

The first day started slow and he caught only four small fish during the day (2x Redtail; 1 Striped Catfish and 1 Wallago), unfortunately he lost a huge fish in the late afternoon when the hook pulled out.

Conditions were much better on the next day.

Peter managed to be the first angler to catch the only small Salween Rita Catfish in our lake (the fish was just stocked one week ago), followed by a good sized Pacu and a massive Alligator Gar in the morning.

The afternoon will always be well remembered. He caught a beautiful Julliens Carp, right after lunch…and 10 minutes later he hooked into a fish of a lifetime.

A Chaophraya Catfish, estimated around 160cm in length, was safely netted and released.

Not enough, Peter managed to catch another Chao just 20 minutes later.

Slightly smaller than the first one, but still a Catfish in a really huge size.

What a day, cheers!