October – Top month for all species!

Amazing session for UK anglers Joe and Ashley in Chiang Mai.

Joe and Ash checked in yesterday morning for a 24h session, and they had a good start right away with a beautiful Tambaqui and a Gourami, followed by a Siamese carp in decent size for Joe.

Unfortunately the carp proved to be really camera shy and managed to jump off the floating unhooking net.

Ashley was successful with an Amazonian Redtail catfish before he hooked into a huge Alligator Gar, estimated to 170+cm in length.

The fishing slowed down after a hefty thunderstorm, but Joe managed to catch another Gar as well before sunset. Slightly smaller, but with ca. 160cm in length still a very good sized fish. (Btw, both Gar were caught on a bread flake🤔).

The boys fished a few more hours after dinner and managed to catch a very nice Redtail in a decent size and 2 more relatively small Redtails + 2 small Striped catfish.

We had a wonderful surprise this morning, when Joe managed to catch one of our really rare ‘Shark Catfish’ (Helicophagus Leptorhynchus) in specimen size and Ash had one more Redtail. Cheers mates, well done!

Wow, that was an amazing weekend with a wonderful couple, and two well experienced carp anglers from Poland.
Mati Leszczyński and his wife Paulina checked in yesterday morning and fished until 4pm today.
To make a long story short, they managed to catch three Alligator Gar (two of them in a monster size), two Siamese carp in a decent size, four!!! Julliens Carp, ten Redtail Catfish, two Striped Catfish and a beautiful, good sized Mud Carp. Cheers!😍👍
Certainly one of the best sessions so far at our lake in 2022!