Catch report – December 2022

Fishing got more challenging in December due to the cool night time temperatures.

Ari Rogers and his brother Kieran checked for a 24h session, and it was a real pleasure to see the well experienced anglers at work.

The fishing was really slow in the morning, but the patient anglers got their chances in the afternoon and in the evening.

Unfortunately they lost a huge fish, most likely a Chaophraya catfish, when the hook pulled out and a massive Alligator Gar in front of the landing net, but at least they managed to catch two Gar in medium size (sorry, no photos), four Redtails and four Striped catfish (Pla Sawai).

Off the bucket list.

Returning UK angler Simon Oversby managed to catch his first Pacu in decent size on sausages. Cheers!👍

Simon fished with us for two consecutive days and caught five Redtail catfish and the Pacu. He lost a couple of fish when the hook pulled out, but that’s certainly part of the game. Fishing was slow as expected with nighttime temperatures down to 13C degrees and short feeding periods.

Austrian carp angler Patrick Prosini visited us at the end of Dember and he had an ecellent start and caught one of our rare and beautiful Ripsaw Catfish on boilies after 30 minutes.

Furthermore he managed to catch two Redtail Catfish, four Striped Catfish, one Wallago and an Alligator Gar, estimated to 145cm in length. Cheers