Catch Reports – January 2023

Fishing in the cool winter month, with nighttime temperatures down to 13-15C degrees, was challenging like always.

Targeting our predators was fairly good, especially in the late afternoon and after dark. Our carp species totally dropped off, as expected.

Canadian top-angler Taylor Williams visited us early January and managed to catch a couple of good sized Alligator Gar, Redtail catfish in a good number, two Wallago and two stunning beautiful Shark catfish in specimen size

Rusty Russel (UK) had a good time on his first visit to Thailand, and landed several Redtail Catfish, one Shark Catfish, one Wallago, a lovely Pacu and one Gar.

Johan Eberstein (Sweden) was hoping for an Alligator Gar and succeeded in his quest with two individuals in a decent size.

Top notch angler Nick Vass (Australia) managed to catch a beautiful Small Scale Mud Carp, two Redtail Catfish and a stunning Shark Catfish on our newly introduced, homemade boilies.

Freddy Funke (Germany) was pleased with a lovely Ripsaw Catfish and a couple of Redtails

Florian Audemar (France) visited us by the end of January for three nights and managed to catch four Alligator Gar, six Redtail Catfish, four Striped Catfish and a massive Pacu.