Introducing our new homemade 14mm Boilies (Freezer Baits) at Dreamlake Resort

Introducing our new homemade 14mm Boilies (Freezer Baits)

We started to use our new boilie range in December 2022, and they come out well.

By using ingredients which are familiar to our fish for a long time, they were responding positively quite fast. Best results we had so far by using them on a method feeder rig, in a combination with a bread-rice husk mix and high-protein sinking pellets in 14mm

We have a limited amount of two mixes in stock.

Fish Mix/Coconut Flavor:

300 Gramm – 150,- Baht; 900 Gramm – 400,- Baht

Milk-Nut Mix/Scopex (Buttermilk) & Banana Flavor

300 Gramm – 180,- Baht; 900 Gramm – 450,- Baht

We recommend a pre-order, if you plan a visit over several days, as we can produce only a relatively small amount per day.

Please notice that using boilies (or any other bait) is not as selective for carp species in Thailand, as they are in many Western countries. You can expect a wide variety of fish feeding on them, even species which are considered as a predator.