Catch Report for returning British top-angler Klaus Fix

The ‘Last Minute Beauty’ for Klaus Fix – 161cm of pure power!

Klaus fished with us for three consecutive days, and to be honest the fishing was really slow with very short feeding times, mainly around noon and in the afternoon.

Over the first two days, Klaus managed to catch a bunch of Amazonian Redtail, Catfish, a few Striped Catfish, a beautiful Ripsaw Catfish, one Tambaqui, one Wallago and a fantastic Mrigal in a decent size.

The last day started nicely when he hooked into a massive Chaophraya Catfish in the early morning hours, but unfortunately the fish came off after a short run. For the rest of the day it was a hard workout to catch just a few small Redtails and Striped Catfish.

It was about time to wrap up when Klaus decided to give it a last try for our Chao’s and the hard working angler really succeeded with his quest and hooked into another whopper.

It was a lucky coincidence when our good, old friend Bruce Dale popped up on time for a short visit, and he was pleased to give us some assistance.

Thanks to Klaus and Bruce for this remarkable afternoon and congrats to Klaus, who always believes that there is a chance and never gives up! Cheers mate!