Amazing session for returning British top-angler & pro-guide Oliver Farrington!

Ollie checked in early April for 2 nights and managed to catch a huge Chaophraya catfish (147cm), a massive Pacu in specimen size, eight Redtails, one Wallago, three Alligator Gar ca. 110, 140 and 160cm in length, and he finished his session with a stunning beautiful Julliens carp, caught on a homemade chocolate/malt boilie.

He was mainly focused on the predators at our lake and succeeded in his quest by heavily baiting up a few spots in the margins with chunks of mackerel and chicken hearts.

Actually I was surprised when he asked me to provide 10kg mackerel and 3kg chicken hearts for him, and I thought that might be a bit too much for two days. I’m glad he proved me wrong!

Our Gars were feeding frenzy and he had certainly more then 20 takes, but like so many times before, it was quite challenging to set the hook properly as he was fishing with one rod on a long distance with a heavy bubble float off the surface.