Catch report April 2023

Fishing in April was very slow due to the extremely high Thai summer temperatures. Only a few anglers tried their hand at the lake, and they picked up their chances in the morning and late afternoon.

Trevor Cole (UK) stayed with us for 2 nights and managed to catch two huge Alligator Gar and one Gar in medium size. Furthermore he caught two Redtail Catfish, one Wallago and a lovely Tambaqui.

Adrien Wex (Australia) and his lovely wife Hakel checked in early April for one night. Our residents were quite active in the morning, but unfortunately he lost four good sized fish right away when the hook pulled out, but at least he managed to catch a couple of Striped Catfish and a beautiful Amazonian Redtail Catfish.

Adam Day (UK) checked in yesterday for one night before Songkran and he managed to catch a huge Alligator Gar (ca. 170cm), three Striped Catfish and a beautiful Pacu.

A bit of an excitement when David Rose (UK) caught his first Alligator Gar in a really decent size at Dream Lake Resort, Chiang Mai. Cheers! 

It’s always a pleasure to welcome our good, old friend Stephen Biddle at the lake. As a well experienced and wise angler he gave the scorching heat in the middle of the day, with temperatures well over 40C, a miss, and was fishing in the morning and a few hours in the late afternoon.

And he was doing well and managed to catch in two days 6 Redtails, with four of them in a really decent size, one small Striped catfish and a Wallago Leerie, 2 good sized Alligator Gar, safely unhooked in the water, and a massive Pacu on chicken hearts near the surface! Cheers mate, well done!