Catch report for Adam Day & Glenn Perkins – June 2023

We were delighted to welcome Adam Day again in June for a 24 hour session, and he succeeded in his quest with three nice Alligator Gar (2x ca. 170cm, 1x ca. 145cm), a decent Pacu, three beautiful Redtail catfish, one striped catfish and one of our elusive Shark catfish. Cheers mate!

It was a real pleasure to meet Glenn Perkins and his son Matt at our lake. They were off to a bumpy start and were struggling to connect with our residents, but finally they picked their chances and managed to catch Redtail Catfish, Tambaqui and three Alligator Gar (2X ca. 150cm and 1x of ca. 125cm). Cheers mates, well done!