Catch Report for Adam Tomlin (UK)

Adam Tomlin, accompanied by his two sons Josh (15) and Ollie (11), checked in Thursday, August 4-2023, in the late afternoon and they were off to an excellent start, as our predators were feeding frenzy in the evening, and they managed to catch nine Redtails in a small & medium size and two Alligator Gar (160+138cm).

They started again Friday morning and fished until 10.30pm in the evening and the fishing with dead baits was still quite good with eight Redtails on the bank, and the third and biggest Gar of 165cm got caught by the youngster Oliver. Cheers!🥰

Fishing for carp species was slow to be honest, but finally Adam managed to catch a beautiful Jullien’s Golden Price Carp (90cm) on a single, boiled almond, and the last fish of the session was another 95cm beauty on a 10mm Wafter for Josh.