Catch Report: Amazing session for returning UK specialist Klaus Fix

Klaus fished with us for 3.5 days (September 17 & 24-26, 2023) and managed to catch 59 fish. He lost at least 12 fish when the hook pulled, which is not unusual, regarding the fact that some species have a very hard and bony mouth and it’s always quite challenging to set the hook properly.

23 Amazonian Redtail Catfish

6 Alligator Gar (138 – 162cm)

2 Chaophraya Catfish (132 & 162cm)

2 Jullien’s Golden Price Carp

2 Tambaqui

2 Peacock Bass (new species for Klaus)

1 Ripsaw Catfish

1 Wallago leerie

1 Pacu

8 Rohu

5 Java Barb

6 Tilapia

Cheers Klaus, well done!