Catch Reports October 2023

Frank Hoppe and Hannes Paust (Germany) fished with us for two consecutive days.

Conditions were quite challenging with short feeding times, mainly in the afternoon. But they picked their chances and managed to catch 2 Alligator Gar (132 + 165cm), 8 Redtail Catfish, one Wallago, one Chaophraya Catfish and a bunch of smaller fish like Peacock Bass, Java Barb, Rohu, Tilapia and a beautiful Blue Mahseer on a light tackle float rod. Cheers!

It was a real pleasure to meet Chris Nygren (Sweden) again in Chiang Mai, and he was off to a good start with a massive Pacu and two Redtails, whilst fishing with a method feeder mix and a pop-up boilie. On top he managed to catch an Alligator Gar in medium size on dead bait. Cheers!

Unfortunately we had to cut his session short because of a heavy thunderstorm with torrential rain in the afternoon, and we ended up in our clubhouse having a beer and a chat about our fishing adventures in the past.😀

UK angler Jordan Rennie and his charming girlfriend Kayla stayed with us over the last weekend.

Unfortunately he lost quite a bunch of fish on the first day when the hook pulled out. But he finally managed to catch 13 Redtail catfish and two good sized Alligator Gar of 150 + 162cm in length. Cheers!👍

Czech pro-angler Roman Javořík and his lovely family stayed with us for two nights.🙏

Conditions were quite challenging, due to the full moon phase and incoming thunder storms, but the well experienced angler worked hard to succeed in his quest and managed to catch a nice mixed bag.

Nothing spectacular size-wise, but beautiful fish in pristine conditions. One Wallago Leerie, one Alligator Gar in medium size, a stunning beautiful Jullien’s Golden Price Carp, one Ripsaw Catfish, one small Striped Catfish, five Redtails and a bunch of small Java Barb & Tilapia. Cheers