Catch Report: 16-days session for our returning German friends

Our German friends, Gerd, Peter, Nicki and Jakob visited us again in November for a long 16-days session.

Speaking in general, the fishing was quite slow (relatively normal for November), but they managed to catch some of our elusive species in a really decent size. Cheers!👍


2 massive Chaophraya Catfish (142+152cm)

1 Mekong Catfish

28 Redtail Catfish

12 Striped Catfish

7 Alligator Gar

3 Pacu

3 Tambaqui

4 Jullien’s Golden Price Carp (new lake record with one fish measured to 105cm in length)

1 Siamese Carp

2 Black Shark Minnow

1 Hovens Carp

2 Catla Carp

2 Ripsaw Catfish

5 small Peacock Bass

3 Shark Catfish

1 Wallago

1 tiny and very rare Red Cheek Barb and dozens of small Rohu, Silver Barb and Tilapia.