Catch Report for Daniel Woodward; December 2023

UK angler Daniel Woodward stayed and fished with us for 3 consecutive days, and he did really well despite the cool weather with nighttime temperatures down to 14C degrees.

He managed to catch 20 Redtail catfish, 3 Jullien’s Golden Price Carp, 1 Siamese Carp, 1 Hovens Carp, 2 Alligator Gar, 2 Tambaqui, 1 Pacu, 2 Striped Catfish (Pla Sawai) and a handful of small Java Barb. Cheers, well done.

We noticed very short feeding times, mainly around 10-11am and in the late afternoon after 3pm. Nearly all fish, even the Alligator Gars, got caught with a bread-pellet mix, by using an unweighted method feeder and a 16mm pop up boilie on a very short 3 inch hook link.