Summary: Catch Reports December 2023

We were delighted to welcome Jordan Rennie and his wonderful wife Kayla again for a 48h session, before they have to get back to work in England.

It started very slow on Monday morning, but Jordan was constantly baiting up his swim and managed finally to catch a good sized Alligator Gar, one Mekong catfish, one striped catfish, 3 Rohu in a decent size, 8 Redtails and more than 20 small Java barb and juvenile Rohu. Cheers mate, well done.

It was a real pleasure to welcome Jacob Harmon (USA) and his younger brother Kyver at the lake.

Conditions were quite challenging, but both put a lot of effort and patience into their fishing, and succeeded in their quest with three Amazonian redtail catfish, one Wallago, one Jullien’s carp and a massive Alligator Gar of 155cm in length. Cheers, well done!

Remek Cieślik (Poland) and his lovely girlfriend Justina visited us for a 24h session.

Unfortunately he lost a couple of good sized fish during the day when the hook pulled out, but finally he managed to catch four beautiful Redtail catfish and a nice Alligator Gar (safely unhooked in the water). Cheers!

Bobby Dykes (USA) and his Canadian friend Joel Gauthier checked in on the 20th of December for a 24h session.

They managed to catch 3 Alligator Gar, 8 Redtail Catfish and one stunning beautiful Jullien’s Golden Carp in a decent size. Cheers!

Nighttime temperatures around 14C, the full moon phase on top, certainly not the best pre-conditions for a fishing trip.

Samuel Bent Lind Nielsen and his father Erik fished with us for two consecutive days and still managed to catch some nice fish during the short feeding periods.

6 Redtail catfish, 1 Striped catfish, 1 Shark Catfish, 1 Wallago Leerie, a few small Java barb and Rohu, and a very lively, camera shy Alligator Gar in medium size, which jumped off the floating unhooking net. Cheers!

Tough session for UK angler Ashley Vickovic, due to the cold weather conditions.

Ashley managed to catch three Redtail catfish and one huge Alligator Gar, unfortunately he lost 3-4 fish when the hook pulled out.


The last session of 2023!

Yannick Derksen from Holland checked in on the 30th of December for a 24h session.

During the day he managed to catch 4 Redtail Catfish in a decent size, other species got active later in the evening, and he caught a huge Alligator Gar of 165cm in length, one Wallago, one small Striped catfish and the last fish, a beautiful Jullien’s Golden Carp, visited the unhooking mat around midnight. Cheers, well done!