Catch reports January 2024

We were delighted to welcome UK angler Jake Hall and his lovely wife Nadene early January.
Conditions were quite challenging, but the well experienced angler picked his chances at the right time and managed to catch 3 Alligator Gar, 2 Redtail catfish and one Striped catfish, cheers!👍

German angler Philipp Wortmeyer caught a massive Pacu and a beautiful Jullien’s carp on a slow sinking boilie.

Tough session for German angler Bastian Faust.
He checked in late afternoon and had quite a good start with one Jullien’s Golden Carp, one Tambaqui, one Striped catfish and four Redtails, fishing was very slow on the next day with only two Redtails on the bank, followed by another Redtail and a good sized Pacu this morning.

Tough session in the cold season for our dear friend Matt Warburton (UK).
He hooked quickly into a nice Wallago in the wee hours, but after that the lake died down during the day and only a few of our smaller residents were nibbling on the bait.
It took until the late afternoon for a screamer and Matt hooked into a nice Redtail catfish.
Luckily our fish were much more active after dark and Matt managed to catch a big Alligator Gar (Sorry no photo, the camera shy Gar jumped off the floating unhooking net), he lost 4 fish, most likely Redtails or Pacu, when the hook pulled out. But finally he hooked into another Wallago. Unfortunately the poor guy had some bite marks on the head and along the body, which we treated with fish aid.