Catch report for UK angler David Moring – February 2024

Amazing session for British top-angler David Moring.

David fished with us for 3 consecutive days and managed to catch:

3 Alligator Gar

8 Jullien’s Golden Price Carp

1 Siamese Carp

1 Small Scale Mud Carp

1 Striped Catfish

5 Redtail Catfish

…and a couple of smaller fish such as Tilapia, Java Barb and Rohu.

Cheers, well done!🥰👍

In all the years it never happened that from the same swim more than 2 Jullien’s being caught in one day. David caught 5 beauties on the 2nd day 5 beauties and on the third day 3 more individuals, with the two biggest fish measured to 102 cm in length.

Truly an exceptional and fantastic result.