Catch reports March 2024

We were pleased to welcome Gareth for the 2nd at the lake for three nights, conditions were quite challenging with short feeding periods but he managed to catch some beautiful fish again.👌

3 Pacu in a really decent size, 2 Redtails, one Ripsaw Catfish, 2 Alligator Gar, one Siamese Carp and one Tambaqui graced his net. Cheers mate!

Our dear friend Klaus Fix (UK) returned for two days in early March and he had an amazing session.

He managed to catch:

1 Chaophraya Catfish

3 Siamese Carp

3 Jullien’s Golden Price Carp (88, 95+107cm)

1 lovely Hovens Carp

1 Mrigal in specimen size

1 Black Shark Minnow

3 Alligator Gar

3 Striped Catfish

2 Redtail Catfish

and 5 small Rohu.

All fish, even the Gars and Redtails, were caught with a method feeder mix and pop ups + wafters on a short hook link. Cheers! Well done!


UK angler Barney Parker stayed with us for four nights. With rising temperatures close to 40C degrees the fishing got more challenging with short feeding times.

But Barney picked his chances at the right time and ended up with a nice mix of species.


Gareth Jenkins returned again to Dreamlake in the 2nd half of March and managed to catch some real beauties.


It was a real pleasure to welcome Australian angler Toby Bailey and his charming girlfriend Emily at the lake.

Toby managed to catch 8 Redtail Catfish, one Alligator Gar, 2 Jullien’s Golden Carp (88+107cm), one Tambaqui and 2 Striped Catfish.

Both enjoyed a day trip to Borsang lake as well, and had plenty of action with hard fighting Mekong cats. Cheers buddy!👍


Mixed bag for UK angler Lee Marcroft.

Lee and his wonderful wife Jannine visited us for a 48 hour session at the end of March.

Fishing was really slow during the day to be honest, due to the extremely hot weather with temperatures close to 40C. Our resident got more active in the late afternoon and after sunset.

Lee managed to catch 3 Alligator Gar, 5 Redtail Catfish, 1 Wallago, 2 Jullien’s Golden Carp, 2 Striped Catfish and a lovely Black Shark Minnow. Cheers, well done!