Experience Report: Fishing with nuts and homemade boilies in Thailand

For a change, a short experience report.

I am regularly asked by our guests which type of fish is my personal favorite. My answer is the same every time, the Jullien’s Golden Price Carp has been my absolute favorite for many years. The striking striped scales, the red eyes and yellow cheeks, and the color of the fins are simply beautiful. Added to this are the rapid bites and the enormous fighting power.

The Jullien’s are generally considered a species of carp that are difficult to outwit, and that has always been the case with us. 15-20 fish per year was usually a good result. That only changed when I started experimenting with boiled nuts and later with homemade boilies in May 2023.

The catch numbers have now more than tripled, with the same population of around 50-60 fish. 33 fish have already been caught in the first three months of 2024 alone.

Cooked nuts (peanuts and almonds) instantly produced good results, and the bait was immediately accepted positively without much feeding.

Unfortunately, the nuts have clearly lost their attractiveness after 2-3 months. My guess is that despite careful preparation (soaking for 12 hours and boiling for 30 minutes), the baits were difficult to digest and at a certain point they were no longer welcome.

Time for plan B!

After some back and forth, I started rolling my own 14mm boilies with nut flours (up to 25% in the mix), all the ingredients can be found in every ‘Bakery Mart’.

Instead of sweeteners I used concentrated syrup with flavor, e.g. Banana, vanilla, hazelnut used. Add a dash of flavor, banana and cheese from the specialist bakery store. The results got better and better. As a supplement, I also like to use the same syrups and flavors as a booster for the basic feed, and use the boilies mixed with ground bait on a weighted method feeder as a bolt rig.

Cyprinids such as Mrigal, Mud Carp and Black Shark Minnow also regularly come to the mat as bycatch. In addition, the boilies are also very popular with Pacu, Redtail and Ripsaw Catfish.