Dreamlake Catch reports in May 2024

Due to the unbearable heat in April and early May we had to give our fish a break, until the first rainfalls brought a drop in temperatures.

Conditions were much improved in the 2nd week of May and we were delighted to welcome returning UK angler Harry Bazeley and his mates Ollie & Patrick for a 24h session.

It was a real pleasure to welcome returning UK angler Peter Hooper at the lake.

He fished for two consecutive days with us and managed to catch 8 Amazonian Redtail Catfish, 2 Alligator Gar (155+161cm), a good sized Pacu, a stunning beautiful Jullien’s Golden Carp, one Black Sharkminnow, one of our rare and elusive Blue Mahseer (small size) and a bunch of small Rohu and Java Barb.

He returned to our resort a few days later for a 24h session in the quest for a Siamese carp, and he put a lot of effort and bait into it to build up an attractive spot.

We noticed several times during the day a lot of fizzing on his swim, which is a typical indicator for the Siamese carp on the munch, but for some reason the fish avoided his hook baits.

Thankfully, he managed to catch another fantastic Jullien’s carp of 108cm in length, one of our rare and elusive Wallago Leerie catfish, a nice Redtail and a Striped catfish (Pla Sawai). Cheers mate!

Mixed bag for UK angler Callum Kitcher at Dream Lake – Chiang Mai.

Callum checked in for a 24h session and managed to catch 4 good sized Redtail Catfish, one Siamese Carp, one Black Sharkminnow, one Hoven’s carp and two small Rohu. Cheers.

Unfortunately he lost two Alligator Gar in front of the landing net, when the hook pulled out. But that’s part of the game, it’s always quite challenging to set the hook into the hard and bony mouth of a Gar.

We were delighted to welcome our good, old friend Dave Brett (UK) again at Dream Lake Fishing Resort Chiang Mai

If I remember correctly, Dave fished our lake 18-19 years ago for the first time, and since then he managed to visit us every now and then and we’re more than glad that our lake delivered 3 new PB’s for him this time, with an Alligator of 162cm in length, a Jullien’s carp well over 1 meter in length and one of our rare Small Scale Mud Carp in specimen size.

Furthermore he caught two nice Striped Catfish, one Mekong Catfish, and as a new species for him, a lovely Java Barb. Cheers mate, well done!