Alligator gar (Atractosteus spatula)

Alligator gar fish Thailand Dreamlake fishing resortName: Alligator gar
(Atractosteus spatula).
Introduced to Thailand fishing lakes from the USA. Alligator Gar’s can grow to a max weight of about 100kg and up to 2.5m length. 

The original stock was 25 fish in 2003, but nobody can say how many are now around, as they are breeding in our lake.
They grow large at Dreamlake fishing resort, the biggest individual being caught in 2019 was 165cm in length and estimated around 38-40kg.
The Alligator gar is a true monster fish, and a rather lazy predator, its long mouth is full of razor sharp teeth and should be handled with care.
Best baits: In our experience are chicken heart and deadbaits (mackerel) whilst simple ledgering on the bottom.

The Alligator gar
Alligator gar fishing trip Thailand