Giant Snakehead (Channa Micropeltes)

The Giant snakehead fish ThailandName: Giant  Snakehead (Channa Micropeltes).
Status: Native. Extreme, fierce and aggressive predator. The Giant Snakehead is one of the most popular game fish in Thailand for Lure fishing and the favourite baits are topwater frogs, poppers, buzzbaits and pencils. The action is explosive when your lure is hit and unless your drag is very tight down you could find yourself snagged hard and fast in a split second. Considered as a rare catch at our lake.
Best time: Raining season, June to October

The Giant snakehed fish
A truly beautiful and serene predatory fish species, top of the food chain in Thailand. Snakehead fishing can be hard work  with many many casts made but full reward comes when meeting face to face with a specimen sized Shado.
The Giant snakehed fish
Big snakehead will test even the expert angler with its fierce power and fighting strength. Lure fishing on topwater with buzzbaits and frogs is the favoured local technique.
The Giant snakehed fish
Above a catch by Steven Raleigh from Australia with a 19lb Giant Snakehead caught from Mae Ngat reservoir in Chiang Mai on his latest fishing trip to Northern Thailand