Jungle Perch (Hampala Macrolepida)

Jungle perch fishing ThailandName: Jungle Perch (Hampala Macrolepida) or Hampala Barb
Status: Native.
Max size about 8 kg. Average size 1-2kg. Certainly respected as a very good game fish. The Jungle perch is most importantly of interest to anglers fishing at Mae Ngat Reservoir in Chiang mai. Target this species with lures and flies usually in the wild reservoirs that scatter the country. When hunting in packs the Jungle Perch will corral bait fish and attack in numbers. This can be a spectacular top water display and a great chance for anglers to cast their lures among the fray.

Jungle perch or Hampala barb
Fishing in Thailand for the Jungle Perch Hampala barb