Giant siamese carp Dreamlake Thailand

Catch Report Dreamlake Oct 2019 – Mattew Warburton (UK)

Mattew Warburton (UK) and his lovely girlfriend Holli stayed 9 days with us, and Matt managed to catch 12 different species during his stay.👍
Siamese Carp (1)
Striped Catfish (30+)
Redtail Catfish (2)
Alligator Gar (2)
Wallago (2)
Rohu (3)
Small Scale Mud Carp (2)
Giant Gourami (2)
Pacu (2)
Silver Barb (1)
Tilapia (1)
Marbled Sand Goby (1)

Monster Alligator gar caught from Dreamlake fishing resort Chiang mai Thailand

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