Catch report April 2022: A story of success for UK anglers Will Baldwin & Joe Davies

Will and Joe visited Dream Lake in early April for 2 nights, and they had a really good time.
They managed to catch 4 Striped Catfish, 1 Gouramy, 1 Rohu, 1 Julliens Golden Price Carp, 2 Wallago, 4 Amazonian Redtail Catfish and 2 Alligator Gar (147 and 170cm in length) Cheers!

Unfortunately they lost about the same number of fish when the hook pulled out. Especially European carp anglers, often don’t set the hook properly and just lift up the rod and give tension. This doesn’t work really well with many species you might catch in Thailand. Anglers have to strike hard, when they get a run, as many species have a very hard and bony mouth, it’s often quite challenging to set the hook.