Catch report for UK angler Klaus Fix – November 2022

We were pleased to welcome top-angler Klaus Fix (UK) for a 3.5 days session over the weekend.

The fishing was quite slow with short feeding times due to the seasonal changings, but Klaus worked hard and constantly for his success.

Klaus had a furious start on Friday with two massive Chaophraya catfish (145+165cm) and a nice Siamese carp in the morning, followed by one fantastic Small scale mud carp in specimen size, two Amazonian redtail catfish and a beautiful Wallago Leeri in the afternoon. (lost one Alligator Gar in front of the net)

On the second day he managed to catch six redtail catfish, one catla carp, one striped catfish and one Julliens carp (lost two Alligator Gar and one Striped catfish)

The third day saw 4 Julliens carp, one Alligator Gar, three Redtail catfish and one small Mekong catfish in the net. (lost four Alligator Gar)

On the last morning he managed to catch a Pacu in decent size and the biggest Julliens carp of the session, estimated in the high 30’s.

Cheers mate, it was a pleasure to see your style of actively working the rods!