Catch Report November 2022

It was a real pleasure to welcome UK carp angler Jackson O’Connor and his lovely family at our lake.😍

Expectations were flying high!

A well experienced, highly motivated angler, perfect weather conditions in the right time of the year…I thought nothing could go wrong, but it nearly did.

Jacko managed to catch during daytime only one good sized Redtail Catfish (two more fish were lost when the hook pulled out).

We tried different rigs and baits over the day, but our residents simply ignored all our efforts. Conditions changed suddenly after dark, and Jacko managed to catch six more fish (three more fish were lost again) in just two hours.

Three more Redtail Catfish, one Striped Catfish, one stunning beautiful Julliens Golden Prize Carp in a decent size and a very camera shy Alligator Gar….Frenzy feeding, amazing!


November 12+13 – Adrian Lewis Bishop and John Downing (UK) fished our lake over the weekend as well. And as I mentioned earlier, conditions were quite challenging, but the well experienced anglers picked their chances at the right moments and managed to catch some nice fish incl. a few rare species.👍

Three Siamese carp, eight Redtail catfish, one massive Alligator Gar (sorry, poor photo), two Shark catfish, one Wallago Leeri and one beautiful Julliens carp. Cheers, well done!