Catch report Klaus Fix – June 2023

We were delighted to welcome the British specialist angler Klaus Fix for the 3rd time at the lake.

Fishing for two consecutive days he started well with a chunky Pacu but for some reason it went very quiet on the first morning and only a bunch of small Tilapia, Silver barb and Rohu made a short visit, and we both thought this was gonna be a tough session.

Luckily conditions were completely different after lunch time and our predators started feeding frenzy. Klaus managed to be the first angler to catch four Alligator Gar on one day (150, 155,160 & 162cm in length), in addition he caught four Redtail catfish and one beautiful dark Siamese carp. Amazing!😍

On the 2nd day he hooked into a huge fish, most likely a Chao Phraya catfish, but unfortunately the hook pulled out after a few minutes, but he managed during the day to catch ten Redtails, one more Pacu, a nice Tambaqui, another Siamese carp and countless small fish. Cheers mate, well done!